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As every year we have a Birthday Sale with my birthday. This year we give a 46% discount (my age now) when you use the coupon BirthdaySale2014 on check out.

Sale ends wednesday 17th 18:00 CEST

I know you don’t see me a lot online lately, but that’s because I follow a new study. I studying for a master degree in the Dutch language, so I don’t have much free time. But I’m working on Abstractum III 🙂 It only take some time to finish that bank… and time is something I don’t have much 🙁

But yes, I’m still alive 🙂

Our new site is online. The old one needed an huge update. We hope you like the new design. To celebrate this, we  have a hot Summert Sale. If you use coupon code SummerSale2013 you get an 30% discount on all our products.

Due to some stupid mistake from my part, I extended the sale till 31th of august 2013.

If you find undocumented features (a bug) in this site, let us know and we’ll fix it.

At 29th of april we are 3 years in the commercial sound design business. That is a fact we must celebrate.

From today till 12th of May we offer a 30% discount on all our products (except bundles). Just use coupon code celebration2013 on check out.

Our Free for Gold members sound set  is updated with several new presets.

It contains now 42 sounds:

  • 2 drum sounds
  • 2 Guitar sounds
  • 1 lead
  • 3 loops
  • 21 pads
  • 1 Fx
  • 12 soundscapes


Quest ended.

To get 30% off*, complete our Halloween Quest:

  1. Find  all 7 pumpkins with letters
  2. Make up a word
  3. Use it as a coupon code
  4. Get 30% discount


*This coupon can’t be used on subscription prices and bundles. Quest ends november 1st

I love it when people mail me with track where they used my stuff in. One of those mailers is Andreas. He used presets from “Pure”, “Odeon” and “Sapphire” in his tracks: “In my dreams” and “All in a sunday night“.

Keep them comming boys and girls

Edit: 19-10-2012

A Jurney is totally made with Pure

September 10th is my birthday. As allways is the weekend around my birthday a big sale weekend. You can buy in my shop with 44% discount (my age) when you use coupon birthday2012 on check out.

Have fun 🙂

I had my Zoom H2 with me when I was visiting a friend. He had trashed his old piano and was playing with what was left. I recorded that and also filmed him. Here’s the vid: