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Abstractum II

Abstractum II is the successor of Abstractum I and contains a set playable atmospheres, textures and drones. Ranging from alchemistic, cosmic atmosphere’s to ethereal and bone-chilling soundscapes.

Abstractum II features over 359 MB of sample material hand-picked from Yuroun's personal library and created with a custom Reaktor ensemble.

Each of the presets makes full use of Alchemy's remix pads, offering a total of 440 sound variations. Use the remix pad and tweak knobs to find sounds that inspire you, or just fit well into your mix.

Number of Sounds: 55 (440 variations)

Sound Categories: 50 soundscapes and 5 (bonus) loops
Genres: Film Music, Electronica, Ambient, Soundtrack, IDM, industrial, Game music
Download Size: 236 MB
Requirements: Full version of Alchemy (NOT included)


Chris R Gibson (aka ‘Loopy C’) created some great abstract music with this sound set: