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Sapphire Dream Pads
Sapphire Dream Pads is inspired by minerals. As a mineral can be warm or cold, dark and light, so are the Sapphire Dream Pads for Achemy. These atmospheric pads will be sure do great while scoring Discovery Channel type documentaries. Each of the 80 presets makes full use of Alchemy's remix pads, offering a total of 640 sound variations. Use the remix pad and tweak knobs to find sounds that inspire you, or just fit well into your mix. The library comes with 154MB of new sample material.

Number of Sounds: 80 (640 variations)
Sound Categories: 80 Pads roughly categorized in dark and light
Genres: Electronica, Ambient, Film, Game music
Download Size: 84 MB
Requirements: Full version of Camel Audio’s Alchemy