“Quality sound design, attention to detail, and immense value in every release…I can certainly recommend Yuroun’s ‘Alchemy’ patches wholeheartedly. I especially have enjoyed his ‘soundscapes’…a complete journey within every morph-pad set!”

Chris R. Gibson (a.k.a ‘Loopy C‘)


“I’m pretty picky when it comes to purchasing soundbanks and one of the reasons is that I prefer to make my own. But that is not always possible, especially if working under a tight deadline. So it’s good to have some great programs that will take you most of the way there or that can inspire you to try different things. There are only a handful of sound designers whose work I trust to do that and Youron is definitely on that list! Having Youron’s soundbanks is like having my own private programmer on the team. Besides being a great value, the sounds are all highly usable and there are no “fillers” just to make up a full bank. It’s ALL good. That’s why I have just about everything that he’s released! Keep up the good work!!!”

Wieslaw Antczak


“I have wasted a lot of money on various soundbanks, but every time I buy one of Yuroun’s banks I look at the price and wonder why the other guys charge so much more for their banks when Yuroun’s are so much better. Every time he publishes something for Alchemy I get it because I really like the sounds he makes. He’s one of the best sound developers for Alchemy. Thanks for all your great work”

Daniel Bailey


“bought today the two patch-sets for Alchemy: Odeon and Abstractum and was amazed by its deep, inspirational well programmed patches. Very useful for Ambient, Atmospherhical, meditational moments and much more. Im excited, how it will sound with even further processing.. Kompliments for the good work !”

Mr. Kai Herrmann – very happy customer, Germany


“I’ve recently bought Odeon, Abstractum, and Sonic Impact Developer and also have Alchemy Elevations & the Escape Velocity Bundle. All of these contain excellent ambient & soundscape textures that really draw you into them. The sounds are very visual, inspirational, and have a soothing quality to them. Sonic Impacts is also an excellent library of various hits. I look forward to using it in future video projects. I highly recommend all of these to Alchemy users. Great job!”

Ed Ten Eyck – happy customer, California, US


“I just finished installing the banks and doing a quick check to make sure everything went okay. At first I wasn’t sure about whether I should get the Sonic Impact bank, but I think it’s going to be a very useful one. Odeon and Abstractum are really great too. Another fantastic set of sounds coming from you!!! Keep up the good work… and thanks very much!!!”



“Just been playing around with Odeon for Alchemy 1.2.5. Fantastic. Keep up the good work, will be keeping an eye and ear (!) out for more stuff from Yuroun…. “

Giff Person, UK


“last week i bought odeon and abstractum, the patches only are for full version of alchemy… and that is the last vst i have to buy before i got them all that i use… so now with these packs i have to buy me the full alchemy so i can work with these nice patches…

i am allready a satisfied customer from earlyer… eleveations and esc velocity… and i just cant get enough from your work…

keep on designing this way….”

Steven Vander Waeren, Belgium





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